Signs of Life

Let the Nets Go Down
I wrote this song from an experience I had early one spring morning on a fishing boat heading out of Puget Sound, toward the Pacific Ocean.

Early in the morning when we let the nets go down,
Someone told me that it once was holy ground.
Let it go, and you bring it back again,
It all comes around, but you just don't know when.

Then we passed a lighthouse, it was shining in the night.
He said it was a symbol, it meant everything was right.
I thought to myself, how could you ask for more?
I'll do what I can to open wide the door.

Ride on the waves, won't you ride so high and free.
I'm so glad that you are here with me.
There's a room in my heart and it's what you mean to me.
I'll do what I can just to set you free.
I'll do what I can just to set you free.

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