Signs of Life

Like the Morning Light
I've been around for ever, round and round my friend,
And every time I've tried to run, I've only come round again.
I've seen the things that all men see when they can't turn out the light.
I've heard the singing of the trees when they dance with all their might.

I've watched the sky unfolding,
I've felt it all unwind.
I've heard the sun exploding
And I've seen the end of Time.

I've heard the sounds of endless songs
Beyond the clouds and stars.
I've been to where we all come from,
And I know who you are, I know who you are.

Sometimes it feels like the wheels turn much too fast.
Sometimes you wonder if the sun will ever shine at last.
Climb back on your heart, and ride into the light.
You got to ride on your own heart, and shine like the morning light.
Shine, shine, shine,
I said shine like the morning light,
You've got to shine, shine, shine.
Shine like the morning light.

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