4 Patches 4 Hope – Another great cause and you can help!

Read about one quilter’s tribute to her mom and find out how you can help.

Regina of 4 Patches 4 Hope asks that you support her project by making simple four patch blocks (what a great way to get rid of scraps!) and/or making a donation to the American Cancer Society. Instructions for the four patch and a link to donate are included on her site.

As someone who lost her mom to cancer, I plan to make many four patches  and I have made a donation to support this project financially. I hope you’ll join me!

Quilts for Kids, Inc. needs our help!

I have made several quilts to donate to Quilts for Kids, a very special organization that donates small quilts to children in need, many of them in hospitals across the country.

I just received an email from Quilts for Kids; although donations of quilts are coming in as usual, they are in need of funds to help get the quilts delivered. I showed my support by visiting their website, clicking on How to Help on the top menu bar and then selecting Donate. They are accepting donations through PayPal and I was happy to do my part.

If you are able to, perhaps you would consider donating to this worthy cause. Thank you so much!