McCall’s Quilt Design Star competition

QDS_logoWork on my quilt for Challenge 1 is progressing nicely; I’ve chosen my fabrics, drafted my pattern in EQ 7 and I’ve been busy piecing the center of the quilt. I’m doing foundation paper piecing and working hard to get the points right.

For those not familiar with how the competition works, McCall’s Quilting announced the contest was open for entries earlier this year. I submitted my Cinnamon & Spice quilt for your consideration. My quilt was accepted and voting began on May 1 and continued through May 20. Out of the 150 or so entries in the Amateur division, my quilt and 14 others were selected to move on to the first challenge. For amateurs, that means creating a quilt top with at least one Amish Star block.

I design in EQ, and over the Memorial Day weekend I created and refined my design until I was thoroughly satisfied with it. Next came fabric selection. I’m partial to Maywood Studio‘s Shadow Play, so I made sure to include a large selection of them in various bright colors and then pulled my coordinating fabrics from my stash.

I won’t be including photos of my quilt until after it’s posted on the McCall’s website. It’s a secret! I hope you’ll like it enough to vote for it when voting begins on June 19.

Meanwhile, McCall’s is sending each of us a package of quilting goodies as a prize for making it into Challenge 1. It’s not here yet, but I will share photos when I receive it.

This is an adventure I very much wanted to be a part of, and I plan to enjoy every aspect of it for as long as I am lucky enough to be included.

Thanks for all your support!

Top Ten List: How You Know You’re a Quilter – Number 9

quilt_block_slicesYou’re making your husband a bologna sandwich and you realize you’ve cut the bologna like an Orange Peel block.

No, it’s not perfect, but I don’t keep my rulers in the kitchen.

Or my rotary cutter.

Hey, what about a line of kitchen utensils made to look like quilting tools?


  • Knife shaped like a rotary cutter
  • Cheese board marked like a cutting mat (think how even your slices would be)
  • Poultry shears that look like giant snips
  • Flour container that works like a pounce
  • Cookie cutters that look like AccuQuilt dies

Leave your idea as a comment!

I’m a finalist in the McCall’s Quilt Design Star Contest!

QDS_logoIt’s true. I’ve been selected as a finalist in the amateur division of McCall’s Quilt Design Star 2012 contest! I’m very honored to be selected and looking forward to the challenges ahead.

I’ve already received the guidelines for Challenge 1 and I’ve been working up designs in EQ7. I’m not settled on a design yet; I want to sleep on it for a day or two before I start cutting. I can’t wait too long as the top has to be finished by June 17.

I’ll let you know when voting is available for this round. I appreciate the support you’ve given me to get this far!