Easy Street – The Big Finish

easy_street-doneI was able to complete my Easy Street top at quilt retreat last weekend. Many of the quilters had heard there was a mystery quilt happening; it was nice to be able to show them my finished version.

I had a Bonnie Hunter weekend; after I finished Easy Street I moved on to making blocks for a Scrappy Trips Around the World; the free pattern can be found on Bonnie’s website at http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/scrappy-trips-around-world.html

Easy Street – It’s Looking Like a Quilt!

easystreet_cornerAt long last, here’s a photo of the first few rows of Easy Street. I’ll be putting the rest together at quilt retreat next weekend. Can’t wait!

I did make changes in the pattern. I wanted to have a bit more grey than was called for and I wanted it to be connected with the four patches. I moved the tall pink and yellow to the A block and put a grey/black and white brick in its place on the B block. This eliminated the secondary stars but created a different secondary pattern with the greys.

I also changed some of the turquoise squares to pink to add a little more zing and be part of the secondary pattern. Once I’ve got it together at the retreat I’ll be able to hang it and take a decent photo. And then it’s off to the quilter!

Check out Bonnie’s site for photos of over 200 quilters’ Easy Street efforts.

Easy Street – Steps 7 & 8

easy_street_8My Easy Street quilt is coming along; today I was able to spend several hours working on it. This photo includes the corner triangle and Block A. I’m nearly finished with all my Block As and I have finished my corner triangles. Still to go – the side triangles and all nine Block B.

Of course I couldn’t just leave the pattern alone. I had to make some changes. See if you can spot them from this small snippet of the quilt.

I’m really enjoying seeing all the different interpretations of this quilt. You’re all amazing!

Here’s Bonnie’s Linky entry!