Easy Street – Color Chart

I’ve chosen to use different colors for my Easy Street quilt – pink, yellow and purple along with the black and whites and greys. Around step 3 I managed to confuse myself and I made my shaded four patches with purple instead of pink. I’ve now corrected that and made myself a color chart to avoid confusion in the future.

I’ve got it available as a PDF and a Word document for easy editing. Feel free to share it with other Easy Streeters! Here are the links:

PDF version (not easily editable)

Word version (editable)

I’m on Step 5 now; I’ve drawn a little diagram of the color placement and I’ll add an actual unit once I’m done. It’s also not a bad way to keep track of where you are in steps; I have a “completed” column for each step.

Have fun with the mystery and enjoy your holiday!

Instructions for adding your photos to the Word document:

Go to the first of my images that you want to change. Right click on the image and choose delete. Leaving your cursor in the same spot, go to the top menu (where it says File Home Insert…) and choose Insert and then Picture. In the dialog box that appears, find the directory where you have your photo and then select the photo. It should now appear in the document. You may have to resize it, but that’s easy to do by clicking on it and dragging the borders that will appear.

These instructions are for MS Word 2010. You may have a different version and the instructions may be slightly different.

I hope this helps!

18 thoughts to “Easy Street – Color Chart”

  1. Thanks for the assist! I had the same problem when I tried the RRCB mystery – half way thru I gave up and went to Bonnie’s color scheme. Your chart makes it so easy!

    Hugs & Smoochies!

  2. What a GREAT idea!! I’ve saved your Word copy to use myself. Of course, I am more than a turtle ~ jumped in at step 2 for some reason and have yet to progress to the next step. I haven’t totally decided on my constant, so I’ll go back to step

    1. one once I manage that. I’ve been thinking white on black instead of grey, but am concerned it might be too dramatic. Sorry for the dual post, apparently my fingers are lightening fast 🙂 Tracey

      1. I think you’re right about white on black being too dramatic. A solid black might be good, but it might take away from the other colors you choose.

  3. That is brilliant, thank you so much. One of the reasons I haven’t started is because I don’t have Bonnie’s colours and I KNOW I would get confused using different ones. This will be a great help, but can you tell us how you get the pictures of your samples on there too, please? I am not so up on Word to be able to do this. thanks again Joan

  4. BTW, I love your colours, and I might pinch those, that way I won’t have to worry about changing anything. lol Joan

  5. Very wise move. I made a small chart for myself but didn’t put the actual fabrics on it. Thank you for this great idea which I shall use from now one.

  6. Thank you for sharing your chart! I am using Bonnies colors for Easy Street, but I will use it for OB since changed my colors for that and am still working on it.

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