Which Log Cabin setting is your favorite?

I’ve been working on a king size log cabin quilt for several months, which you can interpret as anywhere from three months to a year and three months. I’ve narrowed down the settings for the blocks, and I could use your input as I make my selection. Here they are, from the classics to the “thinking outside the box” versions.

Leave me a comment with your choice and a reason why you like it, and I’ll pick one name from among you to win a prize. Yes, there is fabric involved. The deadline is Friday, September 15, at 5 pm.

Thank you!

Option #1
Option #2
Option #3
Option #4
Option #5
Option #6
Option #7
Option #8

9 thoughts to “Which Log Cabin setting is your favorite?”

  1. I like #8. It’s like s combination of all of them and I like the churn dash in the middle radiating to the corners. I like the colors. Are those the colors your using or is that the program?

    1. Hi Tammi! Thanks for your comments. The colors are similar to what’s shown, but a little softer. It’s mainly blue, brown, greens, and light tan for the lights. Lots of scrappiness!

  2. My most favorite quilt block! All the settings are interesting but #8 is a fresh interesting setting. Kind of looks like birds in the corners too with the diagonals framing the churn dash.

  3. I like #7. It just seems to flow and not look choppy. I have never made a quilt like that before. I play with smaller…..much smaller projects. I admire you quilters that have that kind of patience! Good luck!

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