Art Classes and Quilting

Mt. Monadnock

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an hour and a half long class in creating landscapes with pastels. I wondered how much I could learn in that brief amount of time.

I brought a landscape photo with me to work from, and although my drawing looks nothing like my photo it’s still a nice drawing that I may actually mat and hang.

It turns out that the great value in attending the class was the chance to exercise my creative muscles. My obsession with quilting is great and a lot of fun, but every once in a while it’s great to be creative in some other way.

Mt. Monadnock Pastel

For me it reminded me of several quilting projects I had in mind and hadn’t yet started, and it got my brain thinking about quilting in slightly different ways.

I think of it as adding another layer of creative juices to the blender.

Dabble in another art form and enjoy the results!

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