Easy Street – Step 6

I’m caught up with all six steps for Easy Street! I sewed on Saturday with a friend and she helped me choose the final color (turquoise) to go with the pink and yellow.

It’s been a lot of fun and, even more fun, we’re getting a bonus clue tomorrow morning. I’m hoping there will be some assembly required!

Here are the units so far…


And here are a few fake blocks I put together:




Easy Street – Step 5

easy_street_5This mystery quilt is just flying by!

I’ve got about half of my Step 5 units done and should have the rest complete in the next day or so. This week’s task was a “sitting duck” unit or, as I’ve named it, a tall goose.

I used Bonnie’s method of drawing a line on the back of the smaller squares and found they really came out perfectly. Don’t mess with success!

I added a second line 1/2″ away from the center line and sewed along that line as well, making the cutest little half square triangle units. I’ve been saving my scraps in small sizes for some sort of scrap quilt, and these will add to my collection. The smallest squares I currently have are 1 1/2″, and these units in pairs or even as sets of three will work nicely with them. I’m thinking of nine patches with three HST units on the diagonal. We’ll see!

Be sure to check out everyone else’s work on Bonnie’s blog.


I haven’t done a fake block yet, but I’m looking forward to it. All my messing with the fake blocks has given me ideas for future quilts.

If you’re celebrating this week, enjoy the holiday!

Easy Street – Color Chart

I’ve chosen to use different colors for my Easy Street quilt – pink, yellow and purple along with the black and whites and greys. Around step 3 I managed to confuse myself and I made my shaded four patches with purple instead of pink. I’ve now corrected that and made myself a color chart to avoid confusion in the future.

I’ve got it available as a PDF and a Word document for easy editing. Feel free to share it with other Easy Streeters! Here are the links:

PDF version (not easily editable)

Word version (editable)

I’m on Step 5 now; I’ve drawn a little diagram of the color placement and I’ll add an actual unit once I’m done. It’s also not a bad way to keep track of where you are in steps; I have a “completed” column for each step.

Have fun with the mystery and enjoy your holiday!

Instructions for adding your photos to the Word document:

Go to the first of my images that you want to change. Right click on the image and choose delete. Leaving your cursor in the same spot, go to the top menu (where it says File Home Insert…) and choose Insert and then Picture. In the dialog box that appears, find the directory where you have your photo and then select the photo. It should now appear in the document. You may have to resize it, but that’s easy to do by clicking on it and dragging the borders that will appear.

These instructions are for MS Word 2010. You may have a different version and the instructions may be slightly different.

I hope this helps!

Easy Street – Step 4

easy_street_4It’s hard to believe we are on step 4 already!

Things are starting to come together and this week we were able to sew two units together.

I’ve included this week’s units as well as a “fake block”.

I like the fake block and I may even make the fake block as part of another quilt. Or it could just end up being the correct block.

Only time will tell!

I hope you all are having fun with this year’s mystery; I know I am!

easy_street_4-fakeblockIt’s been great fun participating in Bonnie’s Linky and wonderful to see everyone else’s progress. Keep up the great work!

I was a sewing machine this weekend…

easy_street_3I think that came out wrong. I wasn’t an actual sewing machine. I did get a lot of sewing done.

I’m completely caught up on Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street mystery quilt, including Step 3 which she posted on Friday.

I’ve chosen all the colors for my quilt except for the third bright. I know it will be a bright; I just haven’t decided which one to go with. It has to be something from my stash, but believe me, that doesn’t limit me much!

I’m also working on a Stash Buster quilt from The Door Mouse. I’m really enjoying this block of the month because it is pre-cut and it has a lot of variety that I could not achieve in a scrappy quilt, at least not yet. The stash we are busting is theirs, not mine, and it includes fabrics that I probably wouldn’t have purchased. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing it come together.

I’d love to see what you’re working on; feel free to post the name of your quilting blog below, and I’ll check the “linkys” at Bonnie’s site later today.



Step 2 of Easy Street – Flying Geese

easy_street_2I’m working on completing Step 2 of Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street Mystery Quilt. While Bonnie is using purple for her geese, I’m using yellows/golds. I’ll be using purple as one of the main colors.

I didn’t get all of my geese made yet; this is just a small sample. I’ll be working on them throughout the week. Although both of the sky pieces match on each of the geese in the photo, most of mine do not match. It’s totally random, and that’s part of the fun!

I’m looking forward to Step 3!